‘The Average American is exposed to 3000 Adverts per day…’


Times Square, NYC

Now that is one of the most shocking stats I have come across in a very long time.
3000 adverts per day. ….that translates to approx 1.2m adverts a year. And to think of it this stat just a few years ago was much lower, in 2007 the average american was exposed to 600 adverts per day. The increase in technology and media channels have multiplied the stats in these few years making information more accessable to the consumer.

However as a consumer this is a lot to process, how many people actually remember those 3000 ads or better still lets ask how many of those ads are remembered by the market, 15%, 10%..i think way less.

People are inundated with information every day, all day. So the human brain has found a way to filter information that is needed and ignore what is not. A concept referred to as SELECTIVE ATTENTION and RETENTION. People only pay attention to something that attracts their attention or something that relates to their lifestyle. And of this information only store the information that is really required in their lives.

As marketers it tricky to get consumers attention to begin with and then later to actually keep their attention. How do we infiltrate the mind of the consumer? How do we stand out from the rest? What makes our adverts different from the other 2999 out there?
If you master the art of getting to your target market then you on the right track, if not then maybe relook your strategy, evaluate your media channels and consider niche marketing.

Marketing Rocks!


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    • I wouldnt go to the extreme to say marketing is brainwashing the consumer. but yes, marketing aims to convince the consumer about the brand and why that brand is best for them. It is a fight for a place in the mind of a consumer in which ever way possible. However consumers are clever enough to give attention only when it is beneficial to them so basically it boils down to the consumer making the choice with all the information that marketers have put out there. Its a process not brainwashing or propaganda of any sort.

      • But what if the advert plays on mental fears like how an ad for a bodybuilding machine/product will play on the fear of not being manly looking enough (and sexually appealing enough) so as to entice a male viewer?

      • I understand what you are getting at, however as much as marketing will influence a consumer by trying to play on their fears, aspirations, and other emotions, you need to acknowledge that these emotions is a preset need that a consumer already has in them or has considered before seeing the advert. The advert hence will only attract these specific customers who for example already doubting their attractiveness of their body and hence when they see a bodybuilding ad it will play on their preset mental fears and hopefully get them to go out and buy a machine. Marketing is there to just convince customers of the right product that they need, NOT that they need that specific product. Making sense?

    • No it was not marketed in some way. it actually has a lot to do with an individuals surroundings, peer pressure, societial influences and basically the psychological environment within which the individual exists. all of this influences and individual, creates wants and needs and affects their decision making process. Which ties back to what i was saying in my previous comment that consumers already know what they want or need, we as marketers just help their decision making process by making it easier and ‘showing’ them the best possible product/service they could utilise to reach their satisfaction.

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