Marketers often spend money on advertising, direct marketing and other tactics to get their message out there. But we know that the best marketing is from one person to the next, i.e. word of mouth marketing (I have previously blogged about it so I will not elaborate here).

Marketers are now asked to take it a step further, to get people talking about the brand/product/service, to basically influence word of mouth marketing. So how do we go about doing that?

The need arises to create ‘Talkability’ about the brand/product/service or current promotional hype. Marketers need to include content in their marketing material and communications that will induce customers or potential customers to talk about the brand, to discuss issues around the brand and to hopefully influence others to actively search for information about the brand at all contact points.

Here is 3 essential steps to follow when creating talkability around a brand:

1. Chose a topic that will be appealing to your market (Current media topics are always good as they already have a high talkability around them).

2. Create content around that topic that would attract attention of your market yet linking it to your brand at the same time.

3. Ensure that the content is sticky and memorable.


A good tip is to jump on the bandwagons of those already speaking about your brand (if you are lucky enough) and expanding the discussion or giving them more pointers to talk about to ensure that the talkability life span lasts longer.

Marketers often worry about negative talk from a handful of unhappy customers, and it is unfortunate that negative news spreads faster than positive. However one should handle this diplomatically and in the public forum so that other customers would be able to make an informed judgement. It also gives opportunity to rectify mistakes and prove customer service betterment.

Social media has made talkability of brands a much larger and easier platform to fuel ongoing discussions between loyal customers, non-customers and the brand itself.

If  the ‘Talkability’ tactic is successful, the brand would be sure to reap the benefits as well as ensure long customer lifespan which in turn proves profitability for business!

Marketing Rocks!


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